MEGA Down Imaging Makes Fishing More Precise

Posted by John Mitchell on Mar 19th 2019

If you are interested in investigating the new innovation in fish finding sonar called MEGA Imaging there are some compatibility issues you need to know about. This new technology gives you a … read more
Talon Anchors Your Boat in All Conditions

Talon Anchors Your Boat in All Conditions

Posted by John Mitchell on Mar 12th 2019

Everyone knows what a talon is. It is the gripping claw of a bird of prey. It is the claw that has extremely sharp pointed ends that can grip and hold onto a small animal or a fish. The talon we … read more

How Trolling Motors Make Fishing Easier

Mar 4th 2019

The trolling motor is an exceptional lightweight device that is designed for moving your boat through the water at a slow, quiet, and consistent speed. It is a different kind of motor than the gaso … read more

Trolling Motor Innovations

Mar 4th 2019

Technology has provided substantial innovations for trolling motors in the last few years. The improvements have made the trolling motor an essential tool for the serious fishermen. The original desig … read more