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What Does MEGA DI and MEGA SI Have To Do with Fishing?

What Does MEGA DI and MEGA SI Have To Do with Fishing?

Posted by John Mitchell on May 27th 2019

Sometimes manufacturers create a bunch of acronyms or strings of letters and numbers that are used to describe their products. Trouble with this mode of operation is that nobody else knows what they are talking about. This has been the case of Minn Kota and its use of acronyms recently. What the heck does MEGA DI or MEGA SI mean you may ask. These are acronyms that Minn Kota has assigned to products that they have developed and are selling to fishermen. I will try to give you a laymen's explanation of what these things are and maybe explain how they might help you when you are fishing. Actually they are very advanced technological products that improve your chances of being successful when you go fishing.

MEGA DI stands for MEGA DI. This is sonar technology that is incorporated into your trolling motor to allow you to see well defined sonar images of what is directly down under your fishing boat. MEGA SI stands for MEGA Side Imaging. It is incorporated into your trolling motor the same way. It allows you to see sonar images of what is under the water, but out to both sides of your boat for a certain distance. The resolution of DI and SI is such that you can distinguish trees and stumps from rocks and channels. But you can also see images of fish and what their depth is in the water. In some case you can identify the species of the fish.

You can readily see this technology's usefulness when it comes to fishing. There is some learning that has to take place on your part when you first start to use MEGA DI or SI. The images may look foreign to some degree when you first see them. But as you continue to use them and get instruction in what the objects mean these devices become very useful in catching fish.

MEGA Down Imaging and MEGA SI are vast improvements over previous types of sonar. These both have well defined improvement in image definition. This gives you the ability to distinguish structures, channels, trees, and fish with greater accuracy. In the example image you can see fish that are near a submerged tree. MEGA DI has clarity up to 200 feet under your boat while MEGA SI has it up to 200 feet away from your boat. You no longer have to have an “educated guess” about where the fish are. Using MEGA DI or SI you can actually see the fish before you put a line into the water. The best time that you can spend once you have MEGA available to you is to learn what the imaging means. You need to find out what a tree looks like under water, and be able to determine how that differs from a channel that is under that same water. Knowing what fish look like is of great importance.

In order to be able to use this technology you have to have a trolling motor that has the MEGA Imaging capability. The Minn Kota models that can give you this ability are ones from the Ultrex, Ulterra, Fortrex, and Terrova series of motors. The trolling motor must have a MEGA Imaging transducer built into it. This equipment is what gathers the images from under the boat or out to the side of the boat. Those images then are transmitted to the sonar display for your viewing. The display has to be either a Solix or Helix Humminbird display to allow you to get the full capability of the technology.

Marine Motors is a family business

Marine Motors is a family business. We have been in love with fishing for a very long time. When I was a young boy my father taught me how to find the enjoyment in fishing. He and I would go to the lake for a day's fishing on one or two weekends each month. The weather in Louisiana where we lived allowed us to do this almost all year. Back in those days we did not have a trolling motor to help with positioning the boat where the fish were to make it easier to fish. There was some work involved with getting the boat into a location where the fish were and more work keeping it there.

Now days technology has improved so much that fishing can be fully enjoyed using the power of a high tech trolling motor. At Marine Motors we are interested in supplying the most technologically advanced trolling motors in the world today. Minn Kota and MotorGuide offer trolling motors with the benefits of GPS, Spot Location, Bluetooth, and other advances. We are dedicated to giving you a selection of trolling motors that will make your fishing trip as enjoyable as possible. You can get next day shipping on your order and shipping is always free.

Buy a trolling motor from Marine Motors and go out and enjoy fishing! - John Mitchell