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Fishing Has Gone Wireless

Fishing Has Gone Wireless

Posted by John Mitchell on Aug 19th 2019

For quite a long time wireless has been helping us to control more and more devices, making everything easier.Ultrex 112With just the click of a button on a remote you can send a command through the air to some device to perform some kind of job that you want to be done. Devices that are used in fishing are no different than any other part of life. They are now being controlled by wireless remotes so that it has become much easier to fish, and have success in doing it.

Trolling motors are a great example. Wireless remotes allow fishermen to control several tasks that are required of a trolling motor. Many of the Minn Kota and MotorGuide trolling motors have the ability to be controlled by wireless communication. Such tasks that are controlled remotely include speed, direction, Spot Lock, iTracks, GoTo, and Autopilot. You know what speed and direction are, but the others may not be so familiar. Spot Lock is the ability of the electric trolling motor to make a note of the GPS coordinates of a given location on the water and be able to recall that location later when you want to return to it. Like a great fishing spot! itracks is the ability of the trolling motor to return down a path that you had previously traveled in the boat while your path was recorded. GoTo is a way for you to tell the trolling motor that you want to return to a Spot Lock that you had recorded earlier. All of these tasks that are performed efficiently by the trolling motor are commanded by you through the use of a wireless remote. What efficiency!

Xi5A Minn Kota trolling motor that employs all these capabilities is the Ultrex Talon BT 12112/US2. Talk about wireless control this motor has Bluetooth compatibility which means you can download software upgrades for your trolling motor to your smartphone. Then use the smartphone to send the wireless upgrades to your trolling motor. Keeps everything up-to-date with very little effort.

MotorGuide offers the Xi5 Wireless Trolling Motor that incorporates the wireless ability using the foot control. It allows you to control your boat from anywhere in the boat with very precise steering using the foot control. The “heel and toe” capability gives you quick response and variable speed control. It has low-speed trolling ability and longer run time.

Wireless abilities don't stop there. You can have wireless shallow water anchor control using a Talon Shallow Water Anchor from Minn Kota. A wireless foot control or wireless hand remote can control the action of the anchor. When you need to stop the boat at an exact spot, just press a button or use the foot control to put down the anchor.

Marine Motors is a family business

Marine Motors is a family business. We have been in love with fishing for a very long time. When I was a young boy my father taught me how to find the enjoyment in fishing. He and I would go to the lake for a day's fishing on one or two weekends each month. The weather in Louisiana where we lived allowed us to do this almost all year. Back in those days we did not have a trolling motor to help with positioning the boat where the fish were to make it easier to fish. There was some work involved with getting the boat into a location where the fish were and more work keeping it there.

Now days technology has improved so much that fishing can be fully enjoyed using the power of a high tech trolling motor. At Marine Motors we are interested in supplying the most technologically advanced trolling motors in the world today. Minn Kota and MotorGuide offer trolling motors with the benefits of GPS, Spot Location, Bluetooth, and other advances. We are dedicated to giving you a selection of trolling motors that will make your fishing trip as enjoyable as possible. You can get next day shipping on your order and shipping is always free.

Buy a trolling motor from Marine Motors and go out and enjoy fishing! - John Mitchell