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Terrova is a Superior Line of Trolling Motors from Minn Kota

Terrova is a Superior Line of Trolling Motors from Minn Kota

Posted by John Mitchell on Aug 16th 2019

If you need a trolling motor that makes your fishing easier than ever you need look no further than the Minn Kota line of Terrova trolling motors.. The Lift Assist on this baby will carry the weight of the motor making stowing the easiest. One step is all it takes, just push down with your hand or foot. Can't get any easier than that. All the models have a completely redesigned motor that is whisper quiet. There is no way it will disturb the fish. Built-in responsiveness is the main attribute of the foot pedal. It has a low profile and will give you the ability to steer from 

Terrova 80 Trolling Motor

anywhere in your boat. You have precise control with this one. No matter if you steer with heel or toe or with the right or left, very quick to do what you direct. Spot Lock can be activated from the foot pedal so you never lose that special fishing location. Put the boat right on a pinpoint position with i-Pilot system that is GPS instructed. I-Pilot is the brains that makes for a successful fishing trip. It will let you record the paths of your boat, so you can go that way again. You can set Spot Locks on all those best fishing locations, and be able to return to them later. It gives you the ability to precisely steer the boat and control the speed. You can set up the Autopilot to guide the boat if you want. Use your smartphone to connect and issue your commands to the trolling motor. Push button battery testing will tell you the life that is left in your battery, so you will know how long you can continue fishing.

For propulsion the motor has a composite shaft that is stronger than steel. It will flex, but won't break. It is corrosion resistant, and is guaranteed for life. The interworkings of the motor are well designed, so that it runs very quiet and stays cool while doing it's job very well. Heat is dissipated from the motor so that battery life is extended, and the life of the motor is increased. Variable speed control lets you run both forward and reverse. At the end of the shaft is a Weedless Wedge 2 Prop.It makes short work of weeds and thick stuff without causing the battery to lose all it's power. Digital Maximizer efficiently conserves the power used by the motor so that only the minimum amount is used, keeping as much as possible.

There are several models of the Terrova. Depending on how much power you need and the size of your boat, you can pick a trolling motor that is perfect for your needs. The Terrova 112/US2 can handle a boat that is 25 feet in length. It has 112 pounds of thrust with 36 volts of power. The shaft is 72 inches. It is a bow mounted freshwater trolling motor. If you don't need quite that much power you can opt for the Terrova 80 that has very similar features as the Terrova 112/US2. The main difference between these two is the amount of power. Terrova 80 has 80 pounds of thrust and voltage of 24 with a 60 inch shaft. Most of the other features of the Terrova 112/US2 are available in the Terrova 80. However the Terrova 80 does not have a foot pedal. For an even smaller boat the Terrova 55/US2 can meet your requirements. It has 55 pounds of thrust, so it cannot handle as much weight as the others. It has 12 volts and a shaft length of 54 inches. It will manage a boat length of 21 feet adequately.

There are several other models of the Terrova that are both for freshwater and saltwater use. All of these models have a 2 year warranty from the manufacturer. You could not go wrong is you decide to purchase one of the Terrova models for your fishing boat.

Marine Motors is a family business

Marine Motors is a family business. We have been in love with fishing for a very long time. When I was a young boy my father taught me how to find the enjoyment in fishing. He and I would go to the lake for a day's fishing on one or two weekends each month. The weather in Louisiana where we lived allowed us to do this almost all year. Back in those days we did not have a trolling motor to help with positioning the boat where the fish were to make it easier to fish. There was some work involved with getting the boat into a location where the fish were and more work keeping it there.

Now days technology has improved so much that fishing can be fully enjoyed using the power of a high tech trolling motor. At Marine Motors we are interested in supplying the most technologically advanced trolling motors in the world today. Minn Kota and MotorGuide offer trolling motors with the benefits of GPS, Spot Location, Bluetooth, and other advances. We are dedicated to giving you a selection of trolling motors that will make your fishing trip as enjoyable as possible. You can get next day shipping on your order and shipping is always free.

Buy a trolling motor from Marine Motors and go out and enjoy fishing! - John Mitchell